Spanx for Women

The idea for Spanx came to Sara Blakely when she cut the feet off her pantyhose one day and wore them under a pair of pants, soon realizing her new invention helped her look great. Her first product was the Footless Body Shaping Pantyhose, and her new company, Spanx, soon took off. Today, Spanx has grown into a very successful company under the helm of Sara Blakely, and is the leader and innovator in the women’s shapewear market. Spanx’s mission has always been to help women look and feel their absolute best through their full line of shapewear. Spanx has recently added a line of swimwear for women, and a line of Spanx for men.

How does Spanx accomplish its mission of making women look great? For starters, Spanx uses a variety of quality materials for its products, such as Italian Jersey Fabric, Lycra, and Spandex. They cut and sew the different pieces together with intricate stitching to make the shapewear durable and long lasting. The end result is quality shapewear that streamlines and flatters a woman’s body. Spanx shapewear is stylish and good looking. In fact, Spanx does its best to stay current with the latest trends and styles, often taking inspiration from fashion runways and designers.

Spanx for Women: How It Works

Have you always wanted to know how Spanx shapewear works? Spanx works because it is constructed using special lycra panels that are strategically placed in different areas of the shapewear, creating medium to firm control over the body. These lycra panels are made with spandex and are strong enough to target and shape different areas of the body. Spanx also uses techniques such as tiers and ruching to help constrict, slim, and camouflage a woman’s body. It is the combination of these techniques and technologies that enables Spanx to work so well.

Spanx understands a woman’s shape and size because it was created by a woman, for women. Spanx is designed for women with petite, average, medium, and plus size bodies. Spanx products come in a dizzying array of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes to please every woman. Because Spanx products come in so many different sizes, be sure to check out the various Spanx size charts. In addition to their regular line of shapewear for women, Spanx also has their line of Assets shapewear. Spanx Assets shapewear uses the same slimming technology found in their regular shapewear, but is offered at a less expensive price.

Spanx for Women

Spanx offers 100’s of different products for women in 8 complete lines of shapewear:

Body Shaper’s: Spanx has 130+ products in their Body Shaper’s Line, separated into 7 different categories: Mid-Thigh Shapers, Open-Bust, Camis, Bodysuits, Slips, Maternity, and Footless. Spanx’s Body Shaper’s are designed to be worn under clothing and to help slim and shape a woman’s body. There are 3 slimming levels in the Body Shaper’s Line: Medium, Super, and Super-Duper.

Bra’s: Spanx has 20 products in their Bra’s Line in 7 different categories: Underwire, Wireless, Strapless, Racerback, Back-Fat Banishing, Side-Slimming, and Minimizing. The Bra’s are available in 7 collection’s: Bra-llelujah!, Bra-Cha-Cha, Bra-dacious, Bra-liminate, Bra-llywood Hills, Bra-vo, and Active.

Panties/Underwear: Spanx has 60 products in their Panties & Underwear line in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. The Panties & Underwear are divided into 7 categories: Girl Shorts, Briefs, Bikinis, High-Waisted, Bodysuits, Thongs, and Maternity. Like their Body Shaper’s, the Panties & Underwear are available in 3 slimming levels: Medium, Super, and Super-Duper.

Legwear & Leggings: 60+ products in Spanx’s Legwear line in 5 different categories: Tights, Sheers, Leggings, Maternity, and Socks. Spanx Legwear is available in 10 collections and in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. For more information on Spanx’s line of leggings, click here.

Apparel: Spanx offers 60+ products in their Apparel line for women in 6 different categories: Tops, Bottoms, Leggings, Jackets & Hoodies, and Dresses & Skirts. Spanx Apparel is available in 6 collections for women: Active, Look-at-Me Leggings, On Top and In Control, Bod-A-Bing, Ready to Wow!, and their Assets line.

Swimwear/Bathing Suits: A full line of swimwear, swim and bathing suits for women in a multitude of styles, colors and sizes. Spanx swimwear utilizes the same technology found in their regular shapewear. Spanx swimwear is available in 3 different categories: One Pieces, Separates, and Skirts & Dresses.

Active: Spanx has 20+ Active products for women: Pants, Crops, Shorts & Skirts, Sports Bra’s, Tanks & Camis, Jackets & Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tops, and Socks. Spanx Active products are perfect for exercise and casual use, and are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles for women of all types.

Assets: Spanx Assets is a less-expensive line of shapewear for women that offers the same benefits, variety, and quality as their regular line of shapewear. Assets shapewear is available for a fraction of the cost and uses the same effective slimming technology.

As you can see, Spanx offers a full line of shapewear products for women of all shapes and sizes in a huge array colors, sizes, and styles. With Spanx for women, you can always look sexy and fabulous and feel absolutely confident about yourself. Spanx can help every woman’s dreams come true, guaranteeing you a gorgeous look on the outside and the inside.

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